Three Classic Television Shows Stephen King Should Rip Off for His Next Bestseller

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I say this with the greatest amount of respect, admiration, and drooling fanboy love -- Stephen King is a bit of a hack

Maybe his creative muse has been staying up too late watching his Netflix Instant queue -- how else can you explain his recent glut of spooky fare that bears more than just a passing resemblance to classic television shows? 

We'll start with Duma Key (his novel about spooky paintings and their ability to manifest all manner of weird happenings), which was better when it was called Night Gallery, hosted by a sadly aging Rod Serling. And if we're being honest, all that was missing from Under The Dome was Spider-Pig, and we could have called it The Simpson's Movie

King's latest offering, released today, is 11/22/63. It's a story about a modern-day man that accidentally finds a time portal in a diner and travels back to the past to prevent the JFK assassination. 

Magic, time-travelling diner? Let's think about NBC's short-lived Nightmare Café starring Robert Englund and the guy who plays the Angela's boyfriend on The Office. Accidental time traveler attempting to stop Lee Harvey Oswald? A two-part Quantum Leap episode. 

C'mon Steve. We're on to you. And we have three more classic TV shows that you might want to rip off for your next bestseller.