Ignite Phoenix 10, in Tweets

The tenth iteration of Ignite Phoenix went down Friday night.

If you've never been, Ignite's an event at which 18 presenters, chosen from a large number of public submissions, share their passions. The people on stage get just 5 minutes to convey their message while slides flash rapid fire on a large projector behind them.

Social media also plays an important role in Ignite. Most presenters give their Twitter handles at the start of their talk, and while they do their thing on stage a furious amount of button-pressing occurs in the audience as people tweet their questions, suggestions and thoughts on the presentations.

Here, we offer you a chance to enjoy an abbreviated summary of Ignite Phoenix 10, through @FowleLanguage (the author of this post) and his tweets:

  • #ignitephx starts in half an hour. Guess I should get my ass over there.

  • Ticket in hand and a whole 15 minutes to kill. Time for a glass of wine, methinks. #ignitephx
  • Wine procured! Time to construct my finger thingy. #ignitephx
  • Success!
  • Mr. @jmoriarty kicking it off. Can't help but thinking of him as the arch-nemesis of Sherlock.
  • Ten of the #ignitephx managers presenting what they feel this event is all about. Passion, unfamiliar topics, overcoming lack of confidence.
  • [email protected]_66_World says the mother road isn't abandoned at all. Stay at old hotels, fill up at rickety gas stations, smell roses.#ignitephx
  • .@leahmarche is a designer who hates bad fonts and word art. She spent the whole presentation holding a stuffed tiger. #ignitephx
  • .@fascinationfuel says 95% of the world is doing the wrong job. We need to find our natural fascination, combining our talents and goals.
  • .@MathEpiNet is trying to explain why math is cool. I'm not buying it. #ignitephx
  • Although I do wish my math professors were more like him.
  • .@osptempe is talking about his experience with bipolar disorder. He set his friend's car on fire. No joke here.
  • Good message from @osptempe: just because people do bad things doesn't mean they're bad people. #ignitephx
  • .@PhxREguy wants us all to eat more fast food. Man after my own heart. #ignitephx
  • Oh hi. I might be in love with @AngelaLeavitt. #ignitephx
  • She gave up a cubicle job to pursue life as a musician and totally succeeded. This is inspirational stuff, people. #ignitephx
  • .@DeanOuellette spent 24 hours in Wal-Mart after losing a bet. The poor bastard. I wouldn't spend 24 minutes in a Wal-Mart. #ignitephx
  • .@MSchulzinger is a beautiful girl who plays rugby and could probably kick my ass. #ignitephx
  • Intermission! -- Drinking a Ponderosa IPA by Prescott Brewing Company --
  • @olllllo You check out that Prescott IPA? #delicious
  • Ignite karaoke time! Random people from the audience chosen to present while random slides go by. Mad props to those who do it. #ignitephx
  • .@scrollinondubs has a great Twitter name and is an awesonely lanky dude who gave tips about paragliding. #ignitephx
  • Nerd alert! @roughly22over7 wants us to play more tabletop role playing games, a la Dungeons and Dragons. #ignitephx
  • Corri Wells wants us to write more angry letters. Get angry, onion! #ignitephx
  • I grew up with a choir geek just like @aragonesque. Music all around the house. She joined a women's choir in Phoenix. #ignitephx
  • Michael Wasserman wants us to recognize the usefulness of the humanities. As a journalism graduate, I say HERE FUCKING HERE!#ignitephx
  • Leslie Lindo discussing growing up multi-racial. Important, since our country is becoming more multi-racial every day. #ignitephx
  • .@180auto made a decidedly unfeminine career out of fixing up her Volkswagen, but the pictures of her Beetle make me want to punch somebody.
  • .@TheFabulousOne donated her kidney! To a stranger! Don't you need those for something? #ignitephx
  • .@nihongaku, aka Jonathan McNamara from @phoenixnewtimes, is a geek for Japanese music and I LOVE IT. Great way to end #ignitephx.

Ignite Phoenix will be posting reactions and videos of presentations soon ... stay tuned to the official website for more details.

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