Fetish Heat 2013's 16 Best and Weirdest Looks (NSFW)

Horns and Halos' fetish events are always pretty entertaining, if simply for the sake of people-watching. This year was no exception, as the steampunk-inspired Fetish Heat took over the Venue of Scottsdale, attracting an interesting mix of kinksters, performers, goths, exhibitionists, voyeurs, geek culture aficionados, and much more. Where else would a Victorian couple armed blasters comfortably stand next to two folks sporting vinyl and a leash?

We had plenty of looks to choose from, but here is the cream of the crop as far as fantastic and strange Fetish Heat looks are concerned.


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The Good: Steampunk is all about long and heavy Victorian dresses, but this lady skipped the gown in favor of a thong and some headgear. Her body paint was so well done that, from a distance, she looked like yet another woman sporting a midriff corset with exposed breasts.

The Weird: This zebra man was quite popular...and he even came equipped with his own satchel.