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Nine Favorite Photography Resources in Metro Phoenix

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The year of the shutterbug overload is here. Old school photographers might wince at the mention of Instagram, Hipstamatic, apps for photo filters, fish-eye lenses at Urban Outfitters, and all-too-prevalent use of countless tools on Photoshop, but technology has given the art form a new audience that embraces digital and experiments with alternative process.

There are plenty of great photographers in Phoenix. Heavy hitters, including Mark Klett, Betsy Schneider, Carol Panaro-Smith, James Hajicek, and John Wagner (to name a few), have ushered in a strong class of emerging photographers that showcase their work at ASU, through local galleries, and annual auctions. All of these artists might hold their own framing secrets and favorite photo spots close their chests, but we asked a few of them to dish out some basics -- for pros and amateurs alike.

Here are our favorite photography resources in Metro Phoenix.