Meggings: When Men, Leggings, and a Whole Lot of TMI Collide

Meggings first made ripples in the fashion scene in 2010, when they were spotted in Soho at a UNIQLO and quickly caused panic to spread across fashion blogs and people watchers who braced themselves for a full-blown takeover.

The good news: the panic was a false alarm. The men's leggings appeared and then disappeared from stores, runways, and fashion blogs as quickly as they'd arrived.

The bad news: After a two-year hiatus, the long-legged, man-junk trapper keepers are back in action.

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Described as "all the rage," by the Daily Telegraph, meggings have been spotted on pop stars Justin Bieber and Lenny Kravitz, and countless Sartorialist-types.

And while they're bound to keep the wearers warm and cozy, wearers risk the consequential double-take, the showcasing of effects of a skipped yoga class, and most importantly, the moose knuckle.

The moose knuckle is to men as cameltoe is to women, and unless you're an olympic athlete, Bruce Springsteen, or in long-johns and suspenders, you're more than likely sharing far too much information with a wide audience that probably has quick access to a camera phone.

According to the Telegraph, meggings are currently feared by the British crowd that can only hope the trend doesn't jump across the pond (or travel from Japan) in all of their steamy glory.

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