Puente's Underground Library Opening, Pool Parties, Sadisco* Shenanigans, and The Mint's Anniversary Over the Weekend

Puente Underground Library Grand Opening On January 10th, the Tucson Unified School District’s governing board voted 4 to 1 to abandon its controversial Mexican American Studies courses in order to bring the district into compliance with a new law, HB 2281, forbidding classes that advocate the overthrow of the United States, promote racial resentment, or emphasize students' ethnicity rather than their individuality. Specifically seven books are now not banned, but are just not allowed (whatever that means).

In response to this "not allowing" of Mexican American Studies and these seven influential books, Librotrafficante the Unitarian Universalist Church and the Puente Movement opened an underground library at 1306 East Van Buren. Anyone can come in and spend some time reading or checkout a banned book from the library.

Power 98.3 Pool Party at The Phoenix Place Hotel & Suites The posh pool area at the Phoenix Place Hotel and Suites was the site of a major rager on Saturday, June 23, as local radio station Power 98.3 put its first swimming soiree of the summer at establishment. As hip-hop hits and Top 40 tracks were spun up by the station’s DJs during the dope daytime affair, bikini-clad beauties and bare-chested bros clowned around with water toys, took hits from a beer bong, and chillaxed poolside all afternoon long.

Sadisco* [Tank] at Chasers The freaks of local DJ collective and party crew Sadisco* invaded Scottsdale rock bar Chasers on Friday, June 22, and unleashed a wild evening of industrial music and post-apocalyptic mayhem. Inspired by such flicks as Tank Girl and Mad Max, they dressed in insane and inane outfits while staging a party at ground zero and dancing all night to such industrial acts as iVardensphere, Hex|Rx, W.A.S.T.E., and Electronic Substance Abuse.

The Heist at The Mint The Mint marked its one-year anniversary with The Heist on Friday night. The money monikered milestone celebrated all things Scottsdale, the best and the worst. The lovely ladies of Scottsdale 16 hosted the celebration of fashion, fun and finance.

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