What's with all the Monkey Chatter?

Among her many talents, Wendy Ford makes sock monkeys. She's also into cooking, renovating and operating a screenprinting company, TripCreative, with her husband, Jay Hall. But the monkey thing really stuck.

Her DIY passion led her to projects involving old cars and old furniture. It even led her to Home Depot -- where she met Jay.

And what a crafty duo they became. When Jay realized Wendy wasn't using the journals he gave her, he gave her a blog. Enter MonkeyChatter.

We have this blog to thank for an introduction to a variety of recipes (including glazed donuts and drool-worthy sandwiches), a few Phoenix hot spots and local artists such as Randy Slack and David Dauncey.

And of course, we have to mention her rare, but much appreciated posts about 10-year-old son Hank -- who, as a true product of crafty parents, can already sew, bake a cheesecake and decorate a Toaster Strudel with the Weezer logo (pictured above).

"[Blogging] gives me a way to sing the praises of THAT PLACE, wherever it may be," says Wendy. "I think in today's economic climate, that part of [blogging] is particularly important."

We can't agree more. And it's why her blog (and sock monkey business) makes us happy.