Neo Chroma at Bentley Gallery, MIM Rocks Fashion, and the Arizona Survivalist/Prepper Expo Over the Weekend

"Neo Chroma" at the Bentley Project Art Gallery in Phoenix As the "Neo Chroma" exhibit comes to a close, check out the amazing paintings you may have missed from the inside of the dimly-light Bentley Project Art Gallery. The exhibit includes paintings from a number of artists who approached color from a variety of outlooks in their works.

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Phoenix Fashion Week Hosts MIM Rocks Fashion Show 2013 If runway shows from Chanel, Saint Laurent, and Rodarte are any indication, looks like fall's big fashion trend will be 1990s rocker duds -- flannel, Doc Marten-esque boots, Courtney Love levels of manicured dishevelment, and all.

While the looks presented at Phoenix Fashion Week's fourth annual MIM Rocks Fashion at Musical Instrument Museum skewed more spring-friendly than Cobain-centric, the Friday, March 29, event spotlighted how music and fashion exchange inspiration. -- Becky Bartkowski

Arizona Survivalist/Prepper Expo at Glendale Civic Center, 3/30/13 A horde of survivalists, preppers, and anyone eager to live through a possible apocalyptic scenario turned out at the Glendale Civic Center on Saturday, March 30, to peruse such wares as tactical gear, military surplus, food rations, water purifying devices, and many other items to stage a party at Ground Zero. Read the full review here.

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