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Quitting Smoking is Easier on Social Media

While some critics may frown upon our society's addiction to social media, truth be told, there are much worse habits worth kicking to the curb -- like smoking.

Now studies are showing that not only are social media habits far tamer than your pack a day, but they might actually help you quit.

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The Journal of Communication recently published a paper by Joe Phua of the University of Georgia exploring the impact of social media on eager-to-quit smokers. In his study of wellness-based social media sites, Phua found that these online communities served as adequate means of support, helping smokers to not only achieve their goal of quitting but also maintain it.

The paper goes on to say that this online form of social connection can actually produce faster results than more involved, in-person methods such as support groups and meetings.

"John Doe has now quit smoking."

Where's that timeline event, Facebook?

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