Dangerous and Hard to See at Bragg's Pie Factory

ASU School of Art's cheeky exhibition, "Dangerous and Hard to See," opens this Friday at Bragg's Pie Factory in Phoenix. The show, curated by Ryan Peter Miller, features local and national artists whose work challenges the idea of traditional gallery exhibitions though installation, subject and interaction with the viewer

"We kind of conceived this idea for a show that was initially a little sillier," Miller says. "It was going to be pools of wet paint in the doorway and things that are humorously poking at the nature of gallery exhibition. We looked for work that challenged traditional roles of viewership."

The work, which features video, sculpture, and conceptual pieces, was chosen from a nation-wide casting to find pieces that fit the dangerous and hard-to-look-at theme. The pieces invite the viewer to touch, hear and even lick. (See Kathrine Worel's "If They Have No Bread Then Let Them Eat Cake" to get in on that action.)

Artists include: William Andrews, Janet Braun-Reinitz, Robert Derr, Peter Emerick, Gratuitous Art Productions, Dana Hemenway, Elizabeth Morisette, Aaron Nicholson, Laura Pawson, Evan Pomerantz, Marco Rosichelli, Thomas Sturgill, Dan Szymanowski, Matthew Wilson, and Katherine Worel.

If you plan to attend, be mindful of the time, which is a work in itself:
Opening reception, Feb. 4, 5:49-6:16 p.m., 6:19-7:43 p.m., 7:44-8:46 p.m., 8:51-9:01 p.m.,
9:05-9:59 p.m., 10:01-10:03 p.m., 10:05-10:07 p.m., 10:09-10:59 p.m.
Closing reception, Feb. 25, 6:01-7:31 p.m., 7:37-8:23 p.m., 8:24-9:47 p.m., 9:50-9:54 p.m.,
9:55-9:58 p.m., 9:59-10:11 p.m., 10:13-10:20 p.m., 10:24-10:28 p.m., 10:30-10:40 p.m., 10:44-10:45 p.m., 10:48-10:57 p.m.

Bragg's Pie Factory is located at 1301 N.W. Grand Ave., Phoenix.