We're Doomed: Japanese Advertising Agency Creates "Thigh-Vertisements"

Because not all advertisements can be slapped on a graphic tee, Japanese advertising company Absolute Territory PR came up with a new "sexy" way to sell content:

Women's thighs.

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The ad agency reps an assortment of companies (including, not surprisingly, a hair-removal service) and reportedly has recruited more than 1,300 women to wear advertising stickers on their upper thighs -- specifically the area between the tops of the stockings and the bottoms of skirts or dresses -- for eight hours at a time.

Participating women must be at least 18 years old and must take photos of themselves (their thighs) and share them on their social media pages. When their shifts are over, the walking billboards return to the sales office, take off the leg stickers, and earn a cut of the revenue.

While selling our skin for ad space is nothing new (thank you, Kari Smith), it looks like advertising is about to get a whole lot creepier.

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