Nine Places to Party in Scottsdale During (and After) the Waste Management Phoenix Open

This week's Waste Management Phoenix Open is unlike any other professional golf tournament in the world, to say the least. Whereas most other stops along the annual PGA Tour are button-down affairs filled with silent onlookers, polite applause, and stolid linksmen, the Phoenix Open is infamously more rowdy.

It's notorious in the golf world for its boisterous crowds and convivial atmosphere, where upwards of a half-million people gather inside party tents and skyboxes dotting the grounds of Tournament Players Club in Scottsdale or amassing alongside particular greens to cheer and boo competitors.

Kerry Phelps, owner of the Tilted Kilt in North Scottsdale (which has a party tent at the event each year) says most attendees at the event are more about making the party scene than watching golfers make par.

"Primarily the vast majority of people that go out there, they're out there to get drunk and party," he says. "It's funny I don't think I've ever seen more intoxicated people then I do at the Phoenix Open."

And if you're one of those party people, we've assembled a list of nine different places to grab a drink or get rowdy during the open, which runs through Sunday.