A Creative Vacuum

One new idea for every day in 2011. We're talking big, small, local, international, in action, and on the drawing board. Here's today's -- what's yours?

The picture above is what happens when you strap an LED light to a Roomba (hands-free vacuum), set a camera up for long-exposure, and turn off the lights.

The photograph is part of a series by by Tobias Baumgartner, Marcus Brandenburger, Tom Kamphans, Alexander Kroeller, and Christiane Schmidt, and it's part of an online, growing Flickr community dedicated to "Roomba art."

The five write they had a "swarm" of seven Roombas -- equipped with differently colored LEDs -- roam the makeshift canvas/room for several minutes while the camera shutter was still open.

Oh, where once-popular technological advances in housekeeping go to die.

Check out more of the series here and the community page for Roomba art here.

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