Ignite Phoenix 15: What We Liked, Learned, and Can't Stop Thinking About

Ignite Phoenix 15, the latest installment in the biannual lecture series, took to the stage at the Scottsdale Center for the Performing Arts on Friday night, as 18 Valley residents shared stories in front of what has come to be an expectedly packed house. The two-hour production allots speakers five minutes and 20 slides each, and the rules end there.

Past Ignite nights have played host to an array of topics: stories of spending 24 hours in a Walmart, rundowns of badass female role models, and conversations titled "The Art of Talking to Strangers."

Friday night was no exception, bouncing from space exploration to yeast to bow ties to ninjas in under 40 minutes -- and that was just the first half. Some gave us pause, while others prompted follow-up conversations on car rides homes. Here are five of our favorites.