Crafting a Pinata for the Mutant Pinata Show (Part Two)

​As the Mutant Pinata Show, which will be at Bragg's Pie Factory in March and April, gets closer, appearance is key in order for our pinata to make its wow statement. 

But while we're working on our show entry, we've decided to create a much simpler pinata. Wait for it -- a penguin.

In our last post, we showed a step-by-step on how to create a paper mache balloon base. Now it's time to decorate and personalize.


  • Your pinata mold
  • Tissue paper (make sure you have at least 10 sheets for each color you're using, depending on how big your mold is)
  • Scissors
  • A bottle of Elmer's white school glue
  • A pen or pencil

  1. First, cut your tissue paper into strips. Make your strips at least an inch wide.The easiest way for cutting you tissue paper is to fold it in half twice and cut away.

  2. After you have your strips, cut them into squares. But make sure you keep your squares around the same size.

  3. Draw where each color and feature will be. Notice for our penguin, we drew where the black will be, where the white will be, and where your pinata's features (eyes, mouth, nose, etc.) will be as well.
  4. Next, pour a large amount of your Elmer's glue into a bowl or a hard surface. We used a paper plate.
  5. Get a square if tissue paper. Wrap it at the end of your pencil or pen. 

  6. Once you have the shape of the square done, dip the end into your glue.
  7. Place the piece on your desired spot. It's easier to start at the top and move your way down to the bottom of the pinata. Make sure you glue your pieces close together in order to not make your mold visible.
  8. Next, repeat steps 5 through 7 until your mold is covered. Once your done covering your pinata, prop it against something where it doesn't fall or where the pieces of tissue do not get crumpled.

  9. To make a beak cut this shape out of a piece of construction paper twice, make sure you include the dotted lines.

  10. Now make a valley fold along the dotted lines so that it makes the shape of a V.

  11. With the dotted lines on the inside glue the beak to the face with one on the top for the top beak and one on the bottom for the bottom part of the beak.
  12. Cut out a bow tie shape and glue it to his neck.
  13. For the eyes, we used four buttons; two blue and two white. glue the blue buttons on top of the white buttons and clue both of them to the penguins face.

  14. Cut out the fin shape and glue it to his sides.
  15. Once everything is done, prop the final product against something to dry, pat yourself on the back and congratulate yourself, because you just made one awesome pinata. Now you just have to get it to Bragg's Pie Factory by March 1. 

(Stay tuned for our next post on our Mutant Pinata Show entry-- the Jackalope...)

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