Hot Off the Press: The Paper Studio Sale

It's true, we're total paper sluts. And we're talking about all kinds of paper -- the stuff we write on, the stuff we draw on, the stuff we fold, crumple, stamp, cut, paste, whatever. And until the end of the day, the stuff we love (and you should too) is on sale at the Paper Studio (online store).

Check out sale codes and details after the jump.

Sale rundown:
- 10 percent off orders more than $35. Coupon code: happy2010
- 15 percent off orders more than $100. Coupon code: birthday2010
- Free shipping for orders more than $250

The sale ends at the "end of the evening," so check it out before you check out of work.

The Paper Studio is an online store (and blog!) that has a Tempe-based studio used for classes (currently on hiatus) and local pick-ups. Check out their online shelves today, which are full of, you guessed it, paper.