Bird Poop Facials Available in New York

We've seen our fair share of bizarre beauty treatments --- snake venom creams, flaming alcohol-soaked towel masks, and who could forget the flesh-eating "spa fish." Nevertheless we are cringing at the latest spa treatment to come out of New York.

Introducing the bird poop facial.

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The bird poop facial -- or as it is more elegantly called, the Geisha Facial -- is a treatment offered at Shizuka New York Skin Care Salon. The service, which costs $180, consists of an initial steam to open the pores and cream to soften the skin followed by the application of cream-colored nightingale poop, which has been dried and finely ground with rice bran. The poop powder is applied as a mask to the face, where it sits for what must seem like the longest five minutes of the client's life -- although supposedly the smell is not as repugnant as you might think.

The poop mask is then rinsed away with a gentle cleanser. A warm moist towel infused with lavender and geranium is folded over the face, and the treatment concludes with a green-tea collagen mask.

While this might seem like a desperate call for attention, the spa claims that the act of smearing feces on your face is an old Japanese beauty secret, and the naturally occurring enzyme found specifically in nightingale poop is the active ingredient.

Call us chicken, but the idea of paying for poop on the faces seems -- well, a little batshit.

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