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Tempe Named One of the Most Exciting Suburbs in America

In case you haven't noticed, Tempe's been getting a lot of hype lately. In addition to being the next potential trendy baby name, the Valley town also has been named one of America's most creative mid-size cities and it got props for being home to the hottest college girls.

Now the suburb takes home another title that's sure to grab the attention of thrill-seeking house hunters.

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The real estate bloggers over at Movoto recently released a list of the 10 Most Exciting Suburbs in America, and coming in at number eight was Tempe. The college town took the title of "exciting suburb" after meeting some of Movoto's compelling criteria, which included nightlife, live-music venues, active options, and a desirable lack of fast food restaurants.

In explaining why Movoto chose Tempe, the blog noted that 44 percent of the city comprises younger residents between the ages of 18 and 34 and that its nightlife ranked ninth overall, thanks to places like Mill Cue Club and Big Bang.

The areas where Tempe did not fair so well? Those would be the food and activities categories. Movoto took off serious points for the city's relative lack of recreation hubs compared to other suburbs on the list and even more points for the number of fast food chains dominating the more ideal mom-and-pop establishments.

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