Annie Boomer Vintage Opens in Downtown Phoenix

GROWop Boutique and Cellar Door Vintage recently welcomed new-ish neighbor Annie Boomer Vintage to Sixth Street's downtown shopping enclave south of Roosevelt Row.

We say new-ish because Annie Boomer's owner, Andrea Engelsberg, formerly ran the shop out of the back of Nostra Style House's old location on Sixth. That was before Nostra relocated to RoRo, and Cellar Door moved in at 906 North Sixth.

Now, after a few months of shop shuffling, Annie Boomer is open at 908 North Sixth Street, Butter Toast Boutique's former space, and the ladylike clotherie's a great addition to the neighborhood.

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Engelsberg says she wanted to stay in the Roosevelt Row area because of its walkability and the community fostered by the surrounding shops. Carrying feminine clothing and accessories, her boutique brings a girly vibe to the street, in contrast to Cellar Door's rocker T-shirt vibe and GROWop's eclectic cool-kid clothes.

Annie Boomer had a soft opening on April's First Friday, after Engelsberg waged a successful Kickstarter campaign, raising about $3,600. She says she started the campaign because she'd opened two stores in the past (the aforementioned one at Nostra and another at Paisley Violin), and wanted some financial support to make her store something exactly what she wanted.

Engelsberg says she hasn't spent any of the money yet, but she will use it to purchase a new glass door for the shop, as well as new signage, shelving, and racks.

In the meantime, she's running the store (and its eBay counterpart) as a one-woman show. It's a colorful selection of electric blues, creamy whites, and bright patterns. Currently on the floor are an array of dresses ranging from casual to formalwear ($35 to $150), blouses (around $25), jewelry, and assorted accessories.

While she has no solidified plans for a grand opening bash, Engelsberg says she'd like to host a cocktail party in the next few weeks. Keep tabs on the shop at

Annie Boomer Vintage is open from noon to 7 p.m. Tuesdays through Sundays.

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