Sedona Film Festival Bring Stars, Awards in Its 20th Year

If you're looking to take a trip up to Sedona, we'd suggest waiting until February so you can attend the Sedona International Film Festival.

The nine-day event features documentaries, animation, foreign films, and even some indie flicks with big-name actors. Although the full list of films and workshops for the festival have not been finalized, there's already a few reasons why this year's event is sure to be one you don't want to miss.

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The 2014 Sedona Film Festival is already set to include a film by Jeremy Leven (who wrote The Notebook) called The Girl on The Bicycle along with Oscar-award-winning actor Forrest Whitaker's new film Repentances. There will also be a tribute to MGM musicals, for all of you showtune buffs, along with a special guest appearance by Brad Paisley. Alright, we'll admit we don't quite get the relevance of the country music star's appearance at the film fest, but hey, he's famous.

During the event, a lifetime achievement award is given out, along with awards for best film by category according to the panel of judges and the audience separately. This year's lifetime achievement award will go to Susan Sarandon for her recent work in "case-related filmmaking."

There are a range of pass options, including student discounts ($85 for 10 movies) and platinum all-access passes ($990) for film connoisseurs. The event is slotted to take place February 22 through March 4 with all of the screening, Q&A, and workshop action you can handle. For more information on purchasing passes and the festival in general, visit the Sedona Film Festival website.

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