A Saturday Night w/ Christopher Cashak

A Saturday night for Christopher Cashak comes with a strict itinerary of where he needs to be in Old Town Scottsdale and when. Not for his own drinking, dancing, and partying purposes but for others.

As Scottsdale's "Official Nightlife Photographer," Mr. Cashak is one busy dude, snapping photos seven nights per week in Old Town's trendiest nightclubs.

After six years in the business, Cashak's name has become just as synonymous with the Scottsdale club scene as faux hawks and spray tans. If party-goers spot Christopher's ubiquitous point, shoot and show sequence across the room, they know they're in the right spot.

The meet up: Cashak starts every Saturday night at Firehouse at 11pm sharp but we met at his next scheduled stop, Smashboxx around midnight.

Christopher tells me that Smashboxx is Scottsdale's newest hotspot and we can tell from the long line outside the door and limited breathing room inside.

He explains he will be busy and we'll stay for an hour until we head next to Dirty Pretty.

The Attire and Company: Christopher's reserved attitude and professional demeanor was a bit of a surprise at first considering the social scene that surrounds him every night.

He never drinks on the job, wears ear plugs, button ups and black slacks and always travels alone. As the night progressed this proved to be efficient and an asset to his success in the industry. He makes sure to ask me before leaving each venue, "Did you get everything you need?" Of course, I'd respond with something similar to this guy.

I ask Cashak why he thinks Scottsdale has such a national draw. He says it's all about the glitz and glamor. When people spend hours playing dress up, they want to be celebrated not scoffed at for wearing 8-inch heels and a dress that covers only half of their butt-cheeks.

Anything goes attire wise in Scottsdale, especially if it's glamorous.

Favorite Spots: Cashak's itinerary seems to serve a purpose in highlighting the best places to be at certain hours in the night.

Smashboxx is young, trendy and exclusive but the crowd can get to be a bit overwhelming.

Dirty Pretty seems to break up the pretentious vibes by introducing some old school hiphop and an eclectic mix of party people.

Though the night starts at Firehouse it comes full circle by ending there for an after-hours party that begins at 2 a.m. and is bumpin' with ballers and chicks whippin their hair back and forth. 

I call it a night when Cashak's bald head is indistinguishable in the sea of sweaty drunk people.

An after hours with no booze? Yeah, I guess that makes perfect sense.