The Seven Hottest (And Totally Underrated) Cartoon Characters

This might sound weird, but Jessica Rabbit was our first celebrity crush.

She is was ridiculously good looking, and a brilliantly talented lounge singer. Jessica oozed sexuality, and at 4-years old, we couldn't help but wonder what that stupid rabbit had that we didn't.

But we got over it. Not because she's a cartoon character, but because Jessica Rabbit's fake. She's totally had work done -- boob job, facelift, tummy tuck. We don't exactly know how much work, but it's enough to kill the fantasy.

We're into understated beauty, both in real life, and cartoons. Check out our picks for the Seven Hottest Underrated 'Toons.

7. Carmen Sandiego

This international woman's all over the place. One minute she's skiing down the Swiss Alps, the next she's hand gliding over New Zealand on her way to Thailand. She's been around the block, but she's not easy to find. Suitors are always asking themselves, "Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego What in the world is under Carmen's trench coat?"

6. Wilma Flintstone

Wilma's hippie hot; she's always barefoot, wears DIY dresses, and never rocks a bra--it's the Stone Age. She's a quick-witted, fiery redhead with incredible patience that's often overlooked as the hottest housewife in Bedrock.

5. April O'Neil

There's nothing sexier than a hot reporter. They're inquisitive, typically left-leaning in their political views, and down to party with society's dirty underbelly. In April's case, crime-fighting turtles living in a sewer system. What a gal.

4. Lois Griffin

Lois Griffin is the ultimate cartoon MILF. She's incredibly good looking, and was a blast at college. She was in a low-budget porno, "Quest for Fur," in the 80s, and isn't the least bit ashamed about it. Lois is totally down for whatever, and that's super hot.

3. Animated Marcia Brady

Animated Marcia Brady isn't as good looking as live-action Marcia Brady--especially Christine Taylor's version--but she's still a cutie. And bonus points for being in a band, even if the music sucks.

2. Belle (Beauty and the Beast)

All the Disney princesses are good looking, but Belle's hot. She's into ugly dudes, and that's really sweet. Trust a blogger, true beauty is on the inside. She also has super alt glasses, and there's nothing sexier than a girl in glasses.

1. Jane Jetson

Jane's style was way ahead its time. If she didn't marry George and succumb to life as a housewife, she could've been a model on Mars. She was always really into fashion, and she's cocaine skinny. Wonder if she's a natural red head ...

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