What Are You Wearing?

Reanna "MissConstrued" Diehl's Spikes and Gothic-Glam Designs

By day, Reanna Diehl does the nine to five thing at a Scottsdale law firm as a paralegal. However, at night -- or practically any other hour she's awake and not clocked in -- the fashion designer is swamped with making her custom snapbacks, camis, or swimwear pieces for her label Missconstrued and it's Fifth Street boutique.

Diehl says she's a big believer in "daring fashion," which means peppering her couture with spikes, studs, spangles, and other funky adornments, as well as some lace trim. It adds a stylishly unusual and punky verve to her creations, some of which she considers to be evidence of her self-described "Gothic glam" style. Diehl often wears many of her own creations -- as well as those of Project Pinup and others at the shop -- and wishes people in Scottsdale would as well, or at least be a more daring with their looks.