Taxidermy Treasures at Scottsdale's Antique Centre

Chelsea Brown
The Antique Centre on Scottsdale Road is a trove of charms and treasures. 

And while it's filled with collections of jewelry and antique housewares, this shop caught will stay in our minds (and noses) for its overwhelming collection of taxidermy.

Check out what we'd take, what's on our wish list, what we'd pass on and why we'd go back after the jump....

Things we're taking home (pictured above): 

1. Hooved Leg Table

What's better then nice coffee table? A coffee table that has a set of real legs.This gem can be found at the back at the store, and while it's still up for evaluation, we're sure we could talk the owners into a good price.

2. Two Headed Zoomorphic Figure -- $350
Given: This piece is not taxidermy, and thank god. The two-faced, hand carved character would go well with any of the creepy decor mentioned above. And he doesn't smell. 

3. Boar Head -- $100
This severed, almost drooling boar head would be the life of any party and the end to any date. Sure, he has a rotting snout and yellowed teeth, but he'd look sweet above your bear skin rug ... 

4. Ox/Buffalo Head -- $450
This guy's tag says he's a buffalo, but we're pretty sure he's an ox. Cheers to dreaming! 

We'll pass on...

he Last Supper display in the back. We're not sure if this is up for sale, but the way they are duct taping on arms and other body parts to make these figurines is a little too weird for us!

One reasons to go back...

1. Vintage Coat
This vintage coat is well-made, is $6, and doesn't have a trace of animal resemblance. Nice. 

The Antique Centre is located at 2012 N. Scottsdale Rd. and is open seven days a week, 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. For more information call (480)-675-9500.