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Sticker Phiends 5: Artist "Mad One" Announces a Sticker Tour from Portland to Phoenix

It's no secret that we're big fans of stickers. And if you've been to the annual Sticker Phiends show put on by the artist who goes by "Mad One", you're likely to understand our obsession.

When the then-Phoenix-based artist packed his bags for Portland last year, he said he wasn't sure he'd be bringing the event back to his hometown.

But a short year later, he posted a flier, a Sticker Phiends Kickstarter, and a big green light -- Sticker Phiends is back for a fifth year and is currently scheduled for October 13.

"Sticker Phiends is about the sticker/urban art movement and bringing awareness of stickers and adhesives and how they have gone from the streets to modern forms of art being displayed in today's galleries and museums," writes Mad One. "Some of the artists on the bill will be coming into Phoenix for the show. I could mention a few names, but you will have to attend or stay tuned to find out who's who and from where."

This sticker party will kick off in Portland and will travel down the coast, potentially stopping in San Francisco on the way to Phoenix. The local show be hosted at Cartel Coffee Lab on October 13 in Tempe from 8 p.m. to midnight. Expect plenty of trading, giveaways, and art for sale from local and international artists. The lineup will be announced as soon as the artist can get some more fliers (and funds).

Stay tuned for more info ...

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