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Hottsdale: Because Scottsdale Really Needs Another Reality Television Show

The YouTube trailer for a Scottsdale-based reality television show, un-originally (and uh, well, somewhat inaccurately) titled Hottsdale, has been making its way around the internet. 

First, a few answers for the guaranteed questions: 
- Yes, it's a real concept. 
- Yes, they've successfully lured a cast of actors, er, real life people to act, er, live out their lives in Scottsdale in front of the cameras. 
- Yes, that is a tribal tattoo. 

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"The Scottsdale scene is an untapped and unknown world to most of the country," writes Deonte Hibbler on Hottsdale's facebook page. "The nightlife is dynamic -- we will reveal this lifestyle and  show that Scottsdale isn't just a town in the middle of the desert, but rather a young L.A. where many are striving for wealth, beauty and fame."

Hibbler did not return our emails or calls for an official comment. And while the pilot has yet to be picked up (surprise), you can check out all the action on the potential show's website

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