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What Do Arizonans Google Most? The Answers Will Probably Surprise (or Disgust) You

Okay, Arizonans, the jig is up. We've been looking at the history of your Internet searches, and the results are good blend of surprising, disappointing, and downright embarrassing. To thank, we have the national real estate site Estately, which compiled a list of the most searched for terms on the Internet in each state.

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To find out where residents' priorities lay in each state, Estately ran hundreds of search inquiries through Google Trends, ultimately putting together a map that defined each state by its number one search term.

Taking the lead for most-searched for term in Arizona was "conjugal visits," followed by "hippies," "scorpion stings," and sadly, "how are babies made." While you could spend a fair amount time reading into what these searches say about our state's sex education programs and prison systems, Estately decided to go ahead make their own analysis:

"Things you'd overhear on an Arizona hippie commune: 'I have to reschedule my conjugal visit because have to see a doctor about this scorpion sting."

Not surprisingly this analysis came from the same people who brought you the list of states most likely to survive the zombie apocalypse and cities with the largest number of douchebags.

For a detailed look at each state's search history, visit the Estately blog.

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