Weekly Freebie: Three Spots for Summer Yoga in Metro Phoenix

Each week, Jackalope Ranch brings you a free event, workshop, or you-name-it happening in Phoenix. Because sometimes the best things in life really are free. This week's freebie: Free Summer Yoga in Metro Phoenix

With temperatures climbing daily, you might wonder why you're paying to bend and stretch in a heated studio. Fortunately, there are a few Phoenix metro spots that know how to read the silver lining on the thermostat.

3. Hotel Palomar The new Hotel Palomar is taking advantage of the sticky situation outdoors by offering free poolside yoga every Wednesday at 7 p.m...


It's all part of a 6 week yoga series sponsored by LuLuLemon Athletica and taught by instructors at Sumits Yoga Biltmore. Classes are open to the public but students should bring their own yoga gear.

We also suggest you bring a little cash for the poolside Lustre bar, just in case you want to treat yourself to a an om well done. For more details call (602) 253-6633.

2. Yoga in the Park

In addition to their involvement with Hotel Palomar, LuLuLemon Athletica at Biltmore Fashion Park also offers free weekly yoga every Sunday at 10:30 a.m.. Again, students should bring their own gear and hydration (because the store itself isn't open 'tll noon).

Morning yoga takes place on the central lawn between Saks Fifth Avenue and LuluLemon Athletica. For more details call (602) 956-1402.

1. Free Your SOL Yoga

Every Thursday at 6:30pm, Phoenix Civic Space holds a free yoga class hosted by Yoga Rocks the Park. The class, which at this point is held inside the AE England Building, is followed each week by live music in the park, with Fair Trade Café serving up smoothies, food, beer, and wine.

For more information, follow Yoga Rocks the Park on Facebook or visit the City of Phoenix site.

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