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Berlin's Museum of Letters Is Your Next Vacation Destination

Listen up letterpress lovers and typography enthusiasts. If you're saving up for your next overseas vacation, you might want to consider a stop in Germany where, unbeknownst to us, one of the coolest alternative museums has been existing since 2005.

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The Buchstaben Museum, also known as The Museum of Letters, is the Berlin-based home of urban signage, characters, and typography.

We first discovered this sanctuary of dying industrial lettering when Complex reported that the Buchstaben had just opened a new location in an abandoned shopping market.

The new word house offers a permanent collection entitled "The Signs of the City," and features all forms of commercial typography from around the city including various styles, displays, and materials such as neon and chrome.

In addition to its other exhibitions (which feature the industrial typeface of other cultures, regions, and languages outside of German), the museum also holds special events to educate visitors on the value, history, and meaning of its salvaged signage.

For a closer look at the Letter Museum, visit the Buchstaben Museum online.

(Here's hoping your browser has a built-in translator.)

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