Visual Arts

Rachel Bess's "the ghost show" at Perihelion Arts

Rachel Bess's latest collection "the ghost show," explores her view of the supernatural world through dark and beautifully detailed paintings.

The show, currently at Perihelion Arts in downtown Phoenix, features human and animal ghosts, a seance, and a campier Ghost Busters scene, Bess says this show is just the beginning of her work's paranormal exploration.

The mostly female portraits (her specialty), are each paired with small drawings that are meant to generate conversation, she says.

Bess says the final image is really the result of a collaboration between her and the model, whose personality she says she kept in the final product.

"the ghost show" collection is the result of eight months of modeling and painting -- and it's only a third of what Bess says she hopes to accomplish with the theme. 

Her collection is currently on view at Perihelion Arts, 610 E. Roosevelt in Phoenix.

The gallery will host an artist reception May 20 from 6 to 10 p.m.

Check out more of Bess' work here.

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