Cut Throat Freak Show Returns to Phoenix This Weekend for Jen Deveroux's Bearded Octopus

Sideshow performer Jeremy Kinison of Cut Throat Freak Show loves to shock and awe with his dangerous-looking antics. And he did plenty of both while living in the Valley for more than a decade, whether it was juggling chainsaws at local bars or leaping on broken glass on street corners at various First Fridays.

On Saturday, the 33-year-old daredevil, who spends his time these days touring with Cut Throat Freak Show across the country, returns to his old stomping grounds of Phoenix to drop more jaws and pop more eyes when the troupe performs at Gypsy Bar. Their array of sideshow-quality stunts (which includes glass eating, hatchet tossing, and sword swallowing) will be part of the carnival-style entertainment taking place during Jen Deveroux's Bearded Octopus art show.

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