Arizona Girls Record Racist YouTube Rant about Immigration (NSFW)

In the latest, grossest example of (lacking human dignity and) not anticipating social media backlash after releasing a long-winded, hateful tirade to millions of viewers on the internet, comes a group of Arizona girls who decided to get together to talk about "Mexican immigration" and the "new Arizona law that just passed the legislator (sic)."   

The video -- almost six minutes long -- was pulled from YouTube and the creators deleted their YouTube account shortly after their inboxes and social media accounts were flooded with video responses and hate mail. 

Of course -- as with anything that's published online -- the video was downloaded before it was deleted and has been reposted on local and national sites including Perez Hilton and World Star Hip Hop and has been dubbed the "az racist girl rant." 

The video, which has been reposted by INDV101UA "for educational purposes," is after the jump along with response videos from all over the country that have been posted in the last few hours. Note: the video is embarrassing, hard to believe, and full of language that's NSFW ...

Here are just a few responses, which have also been posted to YouTube: 

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