Battle in the Bar: Roller Wars III Takes over Tempe Tavern This Thursday

Why go to the gym when there's a stationery bike at the bar? Ever try burning calories while drinking?

This Thursday, you'll have the chance to test out your boozing/biking skills as AZfixed.com hosts a fundraiser for the ASU Cycling club at Tempe Tavern.

While the event's hosted by cycling enthusiasts, organizers hope it will attract bar flies, athletes, and students alike.

Races, which are open to the public, start at 7:30 p.m. and will end around 9:30 p.m.. The first challenge will be a time trial on a single-speed road bike with regular peddles, set up on a stationary trainer. Riders who peddle the fastest move on to the next round.

"We've got some pretty strong guys this year," says event coordinator, Andrew Tierney admitting that the riding can get a little competitive.  "We're also going to have a lot of women coming out this year."  

First, second, and third place winners in both the male and female categories will be rewarded with bike-related prizes. There will also be sporadic raffles and other activities. According to Tierney, the prizes should be well worth the ride. He lists a variety of different sponsors including bike manufacturer, Fyxation, Javelina Cycles, State Bicycles, and of course, Tempe Tavern.

"I've got a couple other sponsors in the works -- several local companies -- it should be a good time," says Tierney adding that there should be several drink specials as well as event-related activities.  Cost is $5 to ride and the proceeds go to ASU Cycling Group.

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