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Participate in Christina Pruitt's "Swept" This Weekend at Eye Lounge

Christina Pruitt says that the idea for her latest exhibition, Swept, came from growing up in a culture of façades.

The local artist was raised in West Texas. When she moved to Phoenix and joined Eye Lounge, she had the opportunity to work auto-biographically for the first time. In Texas (and Phoenix), Pruitt says that a lot daily life -- situations, reactions, and emotions -- are constantly and proverbially being "swept under the rug."

"I believe that everyone sweeps something under the rug, but to quote a friend of mine, 'in Texas, being inauthentic becomes part of your psyche and your daily life.'"

This weekend, Pruitt will showcase her installation and artwork in the Eye Lounge's Project Room, a space traditionally used for works in progress and experimental concepts.

Pruitt's set up will be pretty straightforward -- the room will have a rug in the center, a few brooms, and pens and pencils. During the exhibition, the public is invited to write what they sweep under the rug and then physically sweep those messages into the center of the room.

"I've tried to create an intimate and safe space," she says. "Even the pictures are turning away."

Prior to the show, the artist is encouraging community members to participate in her show through email. Those interested can log in to the temporary email account here using the username: swept and the password: sweepit2012.

In the message field, Pruitt asks participants to write a simple statement of what you sweep under the rug or have swept under the rug. (Note: Pruitt says she doesn't want to hear confessions of any illegal activity.)

Statements she receives will be typed with her Smith-Corona typewriter and scattered on the floor and added to written statements throughout Art Detour weekend.

"My deepest hope is that participants have the opportunity to become a non-invested observer to their own experience, thereby removing themselves from the power that the idea of emotional attachment has to what they have proverbially 'swept under the rug.'"

Eye Lounge is at 451 E Roosevelt. The gallery will be open all weekend for Art Detour and will also be showcasing work by all of the collective's members as well as a 6x6 fundraiser for the gallery. For more information, check out the Eye Lounge and Pruitt's websites.

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