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Bookmans Presents "Banned Books on Film -- 1984" at Phoenix Art Museum in May

After perusing the prolific amounts of art, jewelry, and clothing this weekend at First Friday, take a break and escape the heat to catch a controversially classic book's second film adaptation by director Michael Radford.

Bookmans presents the latest feature in its Banned Books on Film series, with the polarizing '1984,' by George Orwell.

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The film has been stirring controversy since it was first published in 1949, and has been banned or legally challenged by opponents who thought it was subversive and corrupting.

One can't watch the news without hearing a politician or pundit refer to our current state of affairs or possible attack on our freedom and liberties as "living in Orwellian times."

The book has certainly pervaded our culture, with people either loving it or loving to hate it. Whether you've read the book and haven't seen the movies yet, or are looking for a quicker method to absorbing the book's themes without committing to actually reading it, you might want to check it out this Friday.

7 p.m. show time at Phoenix Art Museum's Whiteman Hall. Runtime is 113 minutes, please be advised the film is rated R. Tickets are $7.

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