Maybe 2013 Will Be Better: A New Year's Art Show at The Compound in Tempe

If JJ Horner, Colton Brock, and Charles Darr are known for one thing other than creating killer artwork, it's their annual NYE bonanza.

This year's edition, aptly titled Maybe 2013 Will Be Better will take place at Tempe art gallery/music venue, The Compound, on the southeast corner of Farmer and University.

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The event features DJs and live performances from Sonorous, DJentrification, Pickster, Just Chris, and Dalmation Disco as well as coffee and food by Jobot.

The lineup (get excited) includes work from: Colton Brock, Isaac Fainkujen, Jessica Jordan, Eric Iwerson, Beth Tom, Matt Dickson, Brez, Jay B, Matt Brown, La Muneca, Jason Pena, Lalo Cota, Tara Logsdon, Chris Milic, Russet Burbank, Chadwick, Geoff Gildner, Steve Middleton, Charles Darr, Bucky Miller, Casebeer, Jesse Rieser, Dayvid LeMmon, Ashley Reynolds, Sierra Joy, Seth Fainkujen, JB Snyder, Age, Deaf Alex, Aaron Forjan, Robert Brandan Martinez, Ryan Gentry, Thomas Greyeyes, Jules Demetrius, Patrick Driscoll, Mikey Jackson, JJ Horner, Pablo Luna, Dumper, Doug Miles, Michael David Little, Molton Brothers, Joyce, Trent Larson, Nomas Amaya, Nick Martin, Aaron Johnson, Paul Horner, Randall Wilson, Jenny Ignaszewski, Sabrina Peros, Tato Careveo, Phil McCarty, and Erika Jaynes.

Whether 2013 will prove to be better (given we're all still around) is still up in the air -- but a kickass art show with live music for $10 is a pretty good start.

Doors open at 8 p.m.. For more information visit,

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