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Tania Katan Reports from the Sydney Biennale

Today marks the official kick-off of the Sydney Bienniale -- though technically, the day's already over, since Sydney, Australia is 17 hours ahead of Phoenix.

In any case, you can read all about it from the AZ perspective on two blogs. Deborah Sussman Susser is blogging down under for Arizona State University. And Tania Katan, "production assistant" to her life-partner Angela Ellsworth (one of three Arizona artists showcased at the Biennale -- more detail about that here) is telling all via Hearsight.

We caught each of these fine ladies via e-mails for a quick Q&A. Check back later today for Sussman Susser's take on the weather and the Australian sentiment toward Arizona. Here Katan addresses sister-wives and frozen desserts, among other things.

Have you seen a kangaroo?
I think I ate one on a skewer.

How did Angela get her props down there? (I was wondering particularly about the assault weapon in Kathleen's picture that we posted the other day.)

(get the answer after the jump) 

I smuggled them in my, well, down under. Contrary to popular belief, being a Production Assistant isn't always glamorous.

Any Mormons down there? (If you don't know what we're talking about, check out more about Ellsworth's work here.)
Yes, um, can I call you back later?

How about Sister-Wives?
The young women in Angela's performance, "Meanwhile, Back at the Ranch," are soooooo freaking adorable and adore each other sooooooo much that they just might run away together and start their own lady-compound somewhere in the world; hopefully Arizona!

What's the frozen dessert scene like? Is frozen yogurt big or is it all about gelato?
OMG, we had THE BEST gelato at a place in Darlinghurst, can't remember the name, but it cost half of my mortgage and tasted like caramel and possibilities. Of course each frozen dessert deserves an espresso and the best café in Sydney: Baffi & Mo's. The mustache says it all!