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Go-Kat-Go to Become Jackalope Trading Post at Its New Home on Grand Avenue

The proprietors of vintage boutique Go-Kat-Go have come up with a new name and even more kitschier focus for their new location along Grand Avenue, which opens at the beginning of next month: Jackalope Trading Post.

Needless to say, we definitely approve of the new moniker.

Go-Kat-Go co-owner Brandi Kvetko says, as the store's new name portends, it will evoke the kitschy feel of old school Arizona souvenir shops and roadside attractions, which she explains is perfectly embodied by the mythical beast the jackalope.

"We just kinda wanted a name change and being that I was born in Phoenix, I kind of love old Arizona stuff, like the old trading posts, souvenir stands, and the kitschiness of it all," she says. "I just thought that's perfect, being in an older building on Grand Avenue, the old Route 60 [highway]."

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