Hello There! House Brings DIY Dudes and Divas to The Center

Rosemary Watson splits her time between photographing weddings, fixing up her Mesa home, and blogging about her craft projects and family.

But this week, Watson's setting a few things aside to prep for the upcoming home and garden convention Hello There! House, which she's coordinating with fellow blogger Jessi Sanfilippo.

Inspired by other conferences, like Spark and Creative Estates, Watson and Sanfilippo say they wanted to create a unique convention focused on home improvement on the cheap.

"Pottery Barn is great, but people want more," Watson says. "They want their homes to reflect themselves," she says over an iced green tea at The Center Bistro in Tempe, where Hello There! House will be held Friday, October 7, through Saturday, October 8.


Watson and Sanfilippo have hosted a series of meet-and-greets leading up to the conference to give potential attendees an idea of what classes and activities will be offered at HT!H.

With class registration now open, folks who are interested in the weekend of hands-on activities can pick and choose their classes. Breakout sessions cover everything from proper painting techniques (a class taught by Watson's husband Braden) to closet organization and DIY holiday decorations.

There are 17 classes total over the two days, and attendees will have three group classes a day, and then choose the three breakout classes.Watson says she's looking forward to the gardening classes, which include a session on urban farming, as well as basic practices for keeping plants alive in a desert climate.

In addition to lectures and projects, HT!H will have a local farmer's market on hand as well as local crafters hawking their wares in an outdoor boutique market.

For a full class schedule and ticket availability (a ticket for Friday is $75, Saturday and the full event is $100) click here.

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