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Phoenix Comicon Fan Fest vs. Marvel Experience: A Head-to-Head Guide for Geeks

Christmas is coming early for local nerds and comic book junkies. Over the next two weekends, a pair of geek-oriented mega-events are launching at either end of the Valley: the inaugural Phoenix Comicon Fan Fest in Glendale followed by the Marvel Experience in North Scottsdale. And both are going to be can't-miss attractions for anyone who's a fan of comic books and superheroes.

While each is a different sort of event (one's a fan gathering and the other is akin to a massive high-tech traveling theme park and cutting-edge interactive experience) and comparing the two is admittedly an apples and oranges sort of thing, similarities abound. Both are rooted in comics and centered on fandom, will attract scores of geeks, and offer the chance to don another identity. And, oddly enough, there's the fact that both will take place in domed structures (Fan Fest is at University of Phoenix Stadium while the Marvel Experience will occur in a series of seven enormous inflatable domes set up at Salt River Fields).