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We're Doomed: Researchers Developing a "Female Viagra" Nasal Spray

Take a deep breath, ladies -- Tefina is on the way.

According to medical researchers, a clinical trial is about to begin in Canada, Australia, and other parts of the world to test a drug that could increase a woman's sex drive ... And all she has to do is spray a gel up her nose.

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Tefina is not yet available on the market, but is described by developers as "The Female Viagra." A notable difference: Viagra is a fairly simple pill taken daily by men and Tefina is a a testosterone gel that is sprayed up the nose an hour before sex (because there's nothing quite like timing it out and hoping your nose doesn't run).

According to developers of Tefina, the drug aims to "boost female sexual arousal and satisfaction" for women suffering from "female orgasmic disorder."

The drug has its fair share of opponents who claim the drug is being developed to treat a problem that's rooted in issues more complicated than just a low sex drive. Luckily pharmaceutical companies saw a lack in treatment for a issue, jumped on the opportunity, and gave us another reason to overanalyze a twitch in our legs or an upset stomach.


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