GROWop's Joshua Hahn Mixes "Suit-up" and Sustainable Style in Downtown Phoenix

Just south of downtown's colorful, in-vogue strip, Roosevelt Row, sits GROWop, a beautifully maintained historic house engulfed by a well preserved community garden. This little gem harbors the corner of Roosevelt and Sixth streets, where Joshua Hahn and Kenny Barrett began their non-profit community garden and vintage fashion boutique.

Hahn, owner and operator, is the epitome of a "sharply dressed man." Each piece of Hahn's apparel is strategically coordinated to reflect on his "duck-hunter chic" style. Paying tribute to his hunter-esque style, Hahn incorporates the Portland collection into his daily garb.

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What is the last item of clothing you purchased? An arrow vintage, tie-pin, which I love. It's actually something that is going to be super popular for spring, which I'm really excited about.

What sort of fashion do you create? For myself, I create very classic American looks, but with modern twists. So, if I wear plaid or flannel, for instance, instead of pairing it with something that's rugged, I'll pair it with something that is super clean and tailored to give it more of a formal look. It's like having this masculine look but having it tailored and fitted to make it clean and modern.

What's the last thing you designed? I'm more of a fashion curator. I curate every time I'm at my shop, whether it's with customers or merchandising, it's pulling pieces together to make a certain look or lifestyle. I pull ideas of fashion and design together.