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Hell Is Other People Is the Anti-Social Network

For those who fear Foursqaure, ignore Instagram, and refuse to acknowledge pokes on Facebook there comes a program that brings new meaning to the phrase anti-social.

And no, it's not George Michael's Fakeblock.

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Hell Is Other People is a new project by designer, developer, and masters degree candidate at NYU's Interactive Telecommunications program, Scott Garner. Intended as an "experiment in anti-social media," the program syncs up with users' Foursqaure accounts to to help them best avoid unwanted social interactions.

Using your friends' most recent check-ins, Hell Is Other People will create an "Avoidance Map" and calculate designated "safe zones" based on the distance and frequency of other users' locations.

Of course, while using this program may introduce you to parts of the city you might not otherwise visit, the one draw back to the app remains that you must "friend" the people you want to avoid in order pinpoint and then navigate around their current locations.

But as they say, keep your friends close and your frenemies closer.

To make going out in public a little more private, visit the Hell is Other People site.

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