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BringTags Keep Tabs on Your Most Misplaced Stuff

Now for a scene the chronically late are all too familiar with:

You're holding your belonging, walking to your car, then realize you forgot your keys. You walk back inside, put down said belongings to look for keys, eventually locate keys, return to the car, only to realize that the belongings you remembered the first time around are back in the damn house.

Fortunately, a startup is looking to expand its product line to meet your ever-forgetful needs.

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Originally inspired by its CEO, Aldo Beqiraj, and his inability to keep track of his phone, the Bringrr protoype was developed as a Bluetooth-enabled car plug in that not only charges your phone while you drive but also makes sure you remembered the phone in the first place.

Since its initial debut, Beqiraj, his head engineer, Nick Zakas, and rest of the Bringrr team have been working on taking the tracking devices beyond the car and into users' everyday lives with BringTags.

Much like something you would find in a Sky Mall catalog or the now-extinct Sharper Image store, BringTags are colorful chips that you attach to your most valued (or most misplaced) items: briefcase, wallet, computer, and in the case of this promo video, your cat.

Should Bringrr reach its goal of $75,000, it plans to roll out a line of tracking tags that don't just guide you to where your lost items are, but also let every stranger in a nearby radius know too (see above video).

Looks like the saying, "it takes a village," no longer just applies to your 5-year-old.

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