What Are You Wearing?

Wig Mafia's Petey Pe$o on Old School/New School Urban Style

If you've spent a weekend night out in Scottsdale's nightlife district anytime in recent years, it's probable that you've spied Wig Mafia in action. And it's hard not to gawk at the two-man party crew and hip-hop team since they're sort of eye-catching, even among Old Town's ostentatious masses.

If the duo of Petey Pe$o and Brock "MegaWatts" Roulier have a gig that night or are out promoting while partying, each will be wearing Adidas or Puma track suits, snow-white kicks, and a slew of color-coordinated bling and accessories. And, obviously, huge afro-like costume wigs. When the pair are in full-on Wig Mafia mode, Pe$o says, it usually means they're planning on going wild out, like during their music video shoot this Sunday at Spanish Fly in Scottsdale.