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ABC's "Bachelorette" Couple Hits The W Scottsdale For Pre-Wedding Party, Catch The Event This Sunday

Fans of ABC's Bachelor and Bachelorette shows have surely marked their calendars for the big event taking place this Sunday. For those of you who may not be obsessed with all things Bachelor, the evening will mark the second time a couple of contestants will actually walk down the aisle in the history of the show.

For Valley fans the two-hour event holds an extra surprise. Ashley Herbert and J.P. Rosenbaum's storybook ending includes their joint bachelor/bachelorette parties, which took place at Scottsdale's own W hotel.

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The pre-nuptial extravaganza included a two-night stay with whiskey tastings for the guys -- because that is so totally J.P.'s casual but classy, firefighter style -- and poolside mani/pedis for the girls. Hopefully Ashley keeps it together better than in Brad Womack's season 15 when her pool party behavior ticked off a lot of ladies ... we know you remember that disaster.

The couple also enjoyed a romantic date on the hotel's rooftop ice skating rink. The 2,100 square foot hybrid-ice rink has replaced the hotel's WET pool deck into a winter wonderland though January 6th. This kind of simple but romantic date seems so fitting for the couple who's love first sparked on the fireside one-on-one date that took place just moments after her heartbreaking split with Bentley.

This isn't the first time the show has brought national attention to the Scottsdale area. In fact the Valley has been a fairly common site of late. Fans will recall when Bachelorette Emily Maynard traveled to Scottsdale for her hometown date with Arie, the stud-ly race car driver who's, um, unusual European parents made quite the impression. And the season before brought Ben Flanick to the Valley for a hometown date with the infamous model Courtney Robertson. Their date highlighted the Farm at South Mountain where Courtney organized a creepy cute practice wedding ceremony that totally spoiled the season ending.

Catch Ashley and J.P.'s wedding on Sunday, December 16 from 7 to 9 p.m. on ABC. If nothing else the event (like all Bachelor/Bachelorette events) promises beautiful location shots, a fabulous dress and drama. Plenty of drama.

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