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Marry Yourself with Wedding in a Box

Good news, spinsters. You can now tie the knot with the one you love the most -- the one who will never leave you, never judge you, and totally supports your Jane Austen obsession.


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Thanks to the I Married Me wedding-in-a-box, lonely brides and grooms can get hitched without the hang-ups of reception planning, wedding guests, and most notably a significant other.

Priced at $300, each marital box contains a wedding ring, ceremony instructions, three "Promises to Me" vows, and seven affirmation cards, serving as "bold reminder[s] of your awesomeness for every day of the week."

This self-wedding kit, created by Jeffrey Levin and Bonnie Powers (who unlike you, are totally married), is currently being crowdfunded through a campaign on Indiegogo.

Despite its gimmicky premise, the intention of product is sincere. I Married Me is ultimately about promoting self-value and positivity, because "when you love yourself, you're better able to love others." Also, it's probably about money.

Though we have no beef with boosting self-esteem, it should go without saying that anyone who admits to exchanging marriage vows with his or herself can pretty much count on dying alone.

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