Community Supported Art

From the Chicago creatives who brought us PhoneBook 3 comes Community Supported Art (CSA).

Three Walls, a non-profit contemporary art and culture organization, compares its latest venture to Community Supported Agriculture, where a group invests in a local farm and each receives a share of monthly produce.

With CSA, people can invest in a yearly art subscription of locally produced art and receive a series of unique, limited-edition contemporary artist projects.

The produce, or art, varies in medium and discipline from artists including Sara Black, Edie Fake, Jesse Harrod, Jessica Labatte, Jason Lazarus, and Laura Mackin, to name a few. The program provides the local arts scene a way to interact with the community and gain recognition, while putting some pretty cool art in people's homes at the same time.

For more information, check out Three Walls' website.

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