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Ink Master's Kyle Dunbar Sets Up Temporary Shop at Scottsdale's Old Town Ink

Kyle Dunbar is no stranger to the tatted and TV-watching crowd. Thanks to his two-season run on Spike TV's Master Ink, the self-taught Michigan tattoo artist has acquired quite the following for his bold imagery and signature realism. Now that Dunbar has departed from the show, that following is coming full circle as he works his way across the country to meet and mark the fans who favor his work.

And wouldn't you know, some of those fans are in Scottsdale, Arizona.

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Now through Thursday, July 17, Dunbar will operating out of Old Town Ink in Scottsdale. Given the number of clients that come with being a celebrity tattoo artist, Dunbar will remain fairly booked during his guest spot in the shop. However, interested clients are encourage to try their luck by contacting Dunbar at [email protected].

At the very least, Dunbar notes, "It's always a good idea to let me know because I'll come back."

Dunbar admits that being a traveling tattoo artist certainly doesn't pay much, but that's not why he takes his ink to the interstate level. "I want to be as cultured as I can," he says. Because to Dunbar, being a great tattoo artist boils down to two things, hey says, "sales and compromise."

"Since we don't do art just for ourselves, since it doesn't just speak to one person, this has to be a collaboration in every sense of the word with the client and the tattooist." says Dunbar.

Although Dunbar has previously committed to attending a tattoo event in New Jersey, he has been invited to Phoenix's Hell City Tattoo Expo and reveals that there is a small possibility that he may make an appearance. For updates on Dunbar's tattoo travels, visit Ink by Kyle Dunbar on Facebook.

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