Thread, Obscura, Roger Clyne, Tequila Fest, and Shot Fest 4 Over the Weekend

Obscura turns Tron
Tron Legacy took over the Obscura dance party at Rip's on Saturday...see photos

Thread Show: Indie Fashion in Photos On a balmy Sunday afternoon, the Icehouse in Phoenix played host to Thread, a traveling, curated indie fashion show. The set up was cool, the DJ was pumping, the snacks were free flowing, the vendors were buzzing around each others' tables -- but where were all the people?...full story

Phoenix Tequila Fest in Photos
U.S. Airways Center was buzzing (pun intended) with activity this weekend during the Phoenix Tequila Fest. Representatives from several distilleries were on hand to pass out samples of their agave nectar to the crowds. Salud!...see photos

Roger Clyne at U.S. Airways Center Roger Clyne had a busy weekend that revolved around tequila. The musician's own brand of agave goodness, "Mexican Moonshine," made the rounds at the Phoenix Tequila Fest. Clyne closed the festival down with a Sunday evening performance...see photos

Shotfest 4 at Yucca Tap Room
The annual shindig known as Shotfest went down this weekend at Yucca Tap Room, and no band was spared. Before each song, Mr. Pacman, Vin Fiz, The Minibosses and others took shots. The result was a sweaty, alcohol-fueled mess of musical chaos. Yeah, it was pretty awesome...see photos